The Eau Claire Blues Jam is Back!

ALL STAR host band (featuring members of Dr. Z and Deeper Roots, Stefan Geisinger Band and others)

Bring YOUR instruments!

Amps (a variety), including several high end guitar amps and a bass rig are available, along with drum kit, keys and extra mics. Space is limited, and we also mic all amps (and have a sound person present), so we are asking jammers to use our gear. 

All instruments (Vocalists, guitar, bass, drummers, harmonica, keys, horns, etc.) welcome!

Email advanced sign up available. See the link above. OR fill out form below. Thanks!

ALSO "like" and "follow" our Facebook page here, for information, discussions, updates, requests, etc. Join the community!

It is important to understand that this is a jam, and not an open mic. Jams are about collaboration, education and connection. For tips on jam etiquette, go HERE for a recent blog post, or HERE for a video on the same subject. 

Also, HERE is a blog post on “blues rules." These are commonly understood things that blues players understand that help with communication, and other key things that streamline musical collaborations.